Frequently Asked Questions

Mostly, it is ok to eat and drink before travel vaccinations. However, some vaccines do have restrictions, so it is best to check with our health care team before you arrive.

Travel vaccines are necessary to keep you healthy, when travelling abroad. Mostly you will feel a sting or a pinching sensation. The protection from disease is well worth the momentary minor discomfort.

Mild pain or some tenderness is perfectly normal following an injection. Some uncommon side effects might include tiredness, a headache or muscle pains and fever.

Usually, 1 dose is required 6 weeks prior to travel and a second dose 2 weeks before, with a 4 week gap. However, timings vary, so you should check with our health care team when you are planning your travels.

Some travel vaccines are free and others have to be paid for privately. Ask our friendly health care team for more information.

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