Why you should get a travel vaccination

It is always best to take preventative measures when travelling abroad to ensure you protect your health from the risk of serious disease. Without vaccines, you are at risk of becoming seriously ill and disease can sometimes be fatal. If in doubt of which diseases are prevalent in your travel destination, use our location ‘vaccine checker’.

Top dangerous diseases when travelling overseas

Exotic infections and diseases include malaria, dengue fever and typhoid, as well as a wide range of dermatological conditions. These and most other travel related diseases are easily avoided through having the right vaccination and medication. Ask our friendly team for advice.

10 top tips to keep your skin protected when travelling overseas

The sun in the southern hemisphere is known to be much stronger. We recommend you reduce exposure of the sun on bare skin to a minimum and always wear good quality high factor sunscreen. The biggest mistake we make is to forget to reapply sunscreen, which should be done every 2 hours.

Mosquitoes, and what to do to avoid getting bitten

Unfortunately, hotter climates means more mosquitos. Basic ways to reduce the likelihood of getting bitten: wear loose long sleeved and long trousers to cover your skin from dusk to dawn or mosquito nets over your bed where possible. Spray your skin with a good quality mosquito repellent and use citronella, lavender or peppermint indoors to deter them from staying inside. Be extra vigilant near standing water and avoid or remove if possible, as this is where mosquitos typically breed. And of course seek advice on whether you require anti-malaria treatment before travelling.

First aid essentials for travelling overseas

Here is a basic list of first aid essentials to take on your travels: antiseptic, painkillers, wound-cleaning gauze, sterile dressing, bandage tape, plasters, tweezers, scissors.

Savvy food and drink hygiene when travelling

The most common travel-related sickness is diarrhea and sickness, due to poorly prepared food and when food is prepared or washed with untreated water. To avoid gastrointestinal infection we recommend you always drink bottled water and choose your food wisely and frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Travel accessories to die for

Travelling can be tiring and uncomfortable. Here are a few accessories to keep you relaxed. Memory foam neck collar, hand sanitiser, mosquito repellent, phone charger, battery charger, hand cream, mini toothbrush and toothpaste, space bags (reduces folded clothing to a minimum).

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